Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello..time is flying Merriment and Happy New Year!!!

So I started a few blogs and they never got finished. For the holidays and for New Year's.
Happy New Year my friends. I can not believe it is 10 days old already.
Here are a few pictures from our days here in Texas. I love you all, Jane

Jordan and Maxx Fishing with Uncle Clay

Uncle Clay Teaching Maxx to Fish

Okay check out Maxx's first fish. About 1.5 pound fat black Bass. Uncle Clay put a round bobber on Maxx's line and Maxx being 4 began to play a game while sitting and being patient. "Get the bobber to sit on a leaf" So that minnow moving up and down while Maxx was playing his game drove that poor Bass crazy and away went the bobber and Uncle Clay grabbed the pole and reeled it in. It was a blast to watch all the cousins around oooo and ahhh over Maxx's first fish. Yay!

Maxx the Captain