Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Days of School

We are now finished with day two of first days of school. Maxx loves it! He comes home with stories of playing with new friends, playing in the rain, walking to the garden, Miss Donkel ringing the bell for circle time, new songs, yummy snacks, new fairy tale stories, of not sleeping during nap time(...and getting to go for a walk since he can't sleep (smart one)), and wanting to go back tomorrow, and of missing us.

Today we had a strong addition to our school conversation-story,
"...and then..."
"...some of the kids in school ask if I am a boy or a girl." "Why do they say I am a girl?" "I went to the teacher and asked, why do they say that?"

So after a quick email conversation with Miss Donkel...finding out that there is a little gender confusion, but it happens with the girls too, they are just all getting to know each other...but the big one for us was that she noticed he is missing out on parts of circle time due to pulling his hair back and asked that if we keep his hair long that he have a pony tail. Maxx in a pony tail...he won't even let us brush his hair with out a fight. There was no question, we want Maxx to have the most amazing experience.
...Kurt and I gave him a hair cut.

The Hair Cut Shots...to make life easier for my beautiful boy.

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