Friday, December 12, 2008

Jacky Frost in Texas!!!...can you belive it?

It snowed here in East Texas. Man it was so beautiful!!!!

Jacky Frost-Laura E. Richards...I added Maxx into the fun

Jacky Frost, Jacky Frost,
Came in the night;
Left the meadows that he crossed
All gleaming white.
Painted with his silver brush
Every windowpane;
Kissed the leaves and made them blush
Blush and blush again.

Jacky Frost, Jacky Frost,
Crept around the house,
Sly as a silver fox,
Still as a mouse
Out little Maxxie came,
Blushing like a rose;
Up jumped Jacky Frost,
And pinched his little nose.

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