Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maxx and Kitty Helping Around the House

Maxx just loves to help around the house and I encourage it. Our soft furry friends always want to help out too... So Maxx wears them so they don't feel left out. Today was Kitty's day to help. Part of our daily rhythm is, we have a specific chore. Today is "vacuum day". Maxx showed me how strong he was to lend a hand on the other side of the table with his mighty pushes. Kitty helped Maxx get in all the corners and crevices with the vacuum hose. Maxx said, "Kitty smells a mouse in our house, he really does, Momma." I have not see any signs of a mouse, but I have heard that cats have an amazing sense of smell, and it could be possible.
After "vacuum day" the house just feels fresh.
Thanks Maxx and Kitty for all your sweet help.

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