Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn in Sophia's Garden

Since we have started school, I have or I should say, we have fallen in love with Sophia's garden. It won't be long until the garden will be gone from this we are taking in as much as time here as we can.

Slowing down and not just hustling by...
taking a moment to walk threw,
balance on the bed logs,
sitting in the grass,
scream after a big grass hopper we were watching jumps to show us how high he can go,
a busy bee won't leave us alone while we are slurping an orange,
soaking up the rays of the sun,
swaying in the wind,
stomping in the mud wearing our Wellies (Maxx calls them puddle boots),
playing hide and seek,
Believing for a moment we are in the country running through the fields, and not downtown Chicago

The empty lot and space was so graciously open to Maxx's school and the surrounding community many years ago...knowing that the University would expand and use this piece of land. As you walk around the garden, you see how much love has been put in to this amazing oasis in the city. Art work has been etched & painted, wooden gazebos and fences have been built by the older children in the school, flower, herbs, vegetables, fruit, trees, shrubs, and grasses are all growing so happily. There are bees, grasshoppers, lady bugs and worms that are in living out their fairy tale and helping to create fairy tales for Maxx.

November 1st is the said day of construction starting. We just have 2 more weeks and we will continue our moments until the restricted signs go up. I am going to try and capture as many photos as I can to remember these short moments that an amazing garden entered our lives.


Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

What a beautiful place, and so sad that it will be there no longer. I can imagine it's almost like mourning a loved one, isn't it?
I myself could never do city life. We are down here in Southern Illinois (Carbondale to be exact). We came up to the Windy City last January for my son's 5'th birthday. While we enjoyed our trip, it was too expensive, too crowded, and too fast-paced for me. Not to mention VERY cold! While there we went to Shedd Aquarium, the Children's Museum on Navy Peir, and saw a Cirque Dreams performance.

Jane said...

Sounds like you packed alot in your visit. Yes it is like morning a loved one...myself I am from a very rural area in Texas and have learned so much by living here the past 5 years, but I am yearning for that quiet time and space to raise Maxx. Thank you for your comment.