Friday, October 24, 2008

In the Light of Hope and Gratitude We Walk

Earlier this evening Maxx, Allison, Shannon and I met many others at Uncommon Ground to light the handmade lanterns and begin our gratitude walk. It was magical. Many said they came to see the little ones and how important it is to see their awww and how amazing that is. There was a story about a lantern told and then songs began as we walked our 3 blocks to the garden. It was so beautiful to see those lanterns in the dark and enjoy the night in a magical place. How grateful I am to be able to give and have this experience with my beautiful son and my amazing friends who rekindle my spark every day.

At times our own light goes out
And is rekindled by a spark from
Another person Each of us has cause to think
With deep gratitude to those
Who have lighted the fire with in us
-Albert Schwitzer

Above is Maxx's lantern as he is walking around the dark garden. Beautiful.

I walk with my little lantern,
My lantern walks with me
In heaven, the stars are shining!
On earth, my lantern shines too.
In darkest night, it guides my way
Glow little lantern glow.

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