Sunday, November 16, 2008

Autumn Morning and Updates

Maxx and I went on a walk this autumn morning and enjoyed the crisp cold air. We played in the leaves and found 4 new rocks and one of the biggest leaves we have gathered yet. Then came home to our home made turkey chili and cornbread we had started before we headed out.

Quick updates: These weeks have been full and fast. We had our first Parent/Teacher conference with Miss Donkel. Maxx had raving reviews...and it was very beautiful to hear her describe our lover and how his days go at school. So proud. Playdate with a friend. Crafting our fingers away helping with things that will be for sale at the holiday fair. This past Friday evening we joined several classes for the autumn martinmas lantern walk. We watched a beautiful puppet play and then walked and sang songs arround the school. That was fun. Maxx has been helping me prepare many soups (potato, rainbow soup, pinto bean soup, lentil and garbanzo bean soup, and chili is what we have so far) that we are storing in the freezer for the upcoming cold days. Thanksgiving is just around the bend and I am in the deepths of food retail preperations for the big eating holidays that are on there way. School, work, and Miss Shannon...we are enjoying this autumn and packing it full. Today the signs of a new season... old man winter sprinkled snow on us, with more to come this week.

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