Friday, November 6, 2009

The Little Bad Wolf

The costume this year...was back and forth.
This year he wanted to make the decision.
It was very hard for Maxx to decide...too many beasts and things he wanted to be.

I wanna be a squirrel with a biiiig nut.
I wanna be a fire truck, a police man, a bull dozer, a race car...
No, No, No the whale with the minnow Moma I wanna be the whale.
I was geared up to create an Orca Whale costume with a large minnow for him to carry.
...and then he changed his mind.

In circle at school they have been acting out The Three Little Pigs.
Maxx was inspired, and he finally decided to be...

The wolf.

"Little pig little pig let me come in!"
Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"
"Then I'll HUFFF and I'll PUFFF and I'll blow your house innn!"
" So he HUFFED and he PUFFED..."

...and went Trick or Treating with friends.

Like always Mom and Dad joined in and were 2 of the 3 pigs (Maxx carried #3)

It was so much fun and Maxx worked hard to gather as much as possible for the baby pumpkins.
Maxx picked out a few favorite pieces and left the rest for the Pumpkin Fairy.
In the middle of the night, while we were all sleeping, her fairy magic came for all the candy treats that he had gathered. She left a reward for the job well done.
...and a glittery fairy note saying:


The baby pumpkins will be so thrilled to receive all of these sweet candy treats. You worked really hard and now they have everything to grow bigger and rounder for next year.

They will be the most spectacular pumpkins EVER, thanks to you.

See you next year!
The Pumpkin Fairy

Our magical autumn tradition.