Monday, June 21, 2010


The other day Maxx and I were at the park and I saw this lady ride up to some trees with her bike and pull out this yellow "rope".  She began wrapping it around one tree and then another.  Testing...making it tight enough to stand on.
She paused.  
Then up she went. Balance.  
Walk, whoa.
She then got to where she was going across very smoothly back and forth. 
It was really beautiful.

I thought...this is where I am at. Getting up on that rope.  I have not shared in this space, that Kurt and I are has been  work, working, not worked out.  Peace now and soon to be all alright.  Learned from my therapist, I am not so great at talking about me, and myself my stuff...working through it all...wanting to hold back. I want to make everyone happy, after 33 years learning I can not, I have to be happy first.

I want it all to be okay and live happily ever after.  ...and I am, I will, we are, we will.

Mean while...Balance...single mom school rhythm, whoa school is out for summer...balance.  Busy, home made ice cream babysitter, ...parties back to back...missed bed times ... WHOA... quick meals...Fun, fun! whoa ... work... balance...lost debit card, whoa...laundrymat closed...balance...homemade vegetables, whoa...Life!

It is beautiful!!!!

Working on my balance!
...will be back at my blogging regularly soon.

Happy Summer!
What a beautiful summer it will be!

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Earth Mama said...

Wise words! Lif eis all about balance in an out of the box way!