Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Happiness

Maxx and I spent most of our day outside today.

What a beautiful day here in Texas!

One of our many joys was "Lizard Watching".

"They jump!"

They were everywhere sunning themselves. As the sun would move and leave the lizard in the shade...they would move a few more inches and turn to bask in those rays. Some were bright green others were brown, we saw some change as they moved around.

Maxx tried his best to catch one...but "no cigar". It ran as fast as those little legs could run. "Whew!" Just fast enough to get to a group of potted plants and disappear like he was made to do. Then that pour thing probably had a heart attack.
So doing my nature research to have more lizard facts, I found out that they are Green Anole not Chameleons...good to know. The one in the photo below was the biggest one, King. We saw King do the "king tut dance neck move" and then he would flex his chin out and it was a pinkish red. "What in the wooorld!!! is he DOooing?"
We wondered what that was I know, he was reminding the rest of the lizard mob that he was Boss, or he was trying to impress the ladies...I can just hear those lizardesses *wolf whistle* "Hot stuff right there. Mmmm Mmm! King is king in my book, baby!"
Another lizard story.
The second morning we were in our new place we woke up to a lizard in our bathroom and it kinda freaked us out. The day before we had, had our door open enjoying the day, and he must have made a wrong turn and got stuck inside. We put a paper bag down and told him to run in to the bag and we would take him out side to be free. Next thing we knew into the bag he went, like he understood what we said. We grabbed the bag and outside we went. It took the little green intruder no time after we sat that bag down for him to bolt. We wished him well and Maxx told him loud and clear ..." and stay out!"

“Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment - a little makes the way of the best happiness.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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