Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dreamy Spring Day

We had an action packed fun in the sun could have not turned out more perfect if I had planned it.

Maxx picked Alberta Park to be "where it's at" today.  We sent a spontaneous invite to "Vitamin L & G" to join us for a picnic.  It was so nice.  We watched some hula hooping, not so tight, tight rope walkers, and other fun things through out the park as we soaked in the vitamin D and ate our lunch.

We threw the ball for "Vitamin S" for a bit, then it was time for them to head home.

We were off to play in the park and you know Maxx never meets a stranger... to meet another 5 year old (he's not 5 and a half yet, Mom)...who had watched Maxx hop across these pods like a frog on lily pads...and fast. Our new friend was a little afraid to Maxx just started helping and holding and then, praising his new friend on a job well done.  "See there you did it! Great job!" *gush*

I was so how much Maxx's heart is open and how he jumped in with out any guidance to help his fellow in play.

Our new friend had cars!!!  I can only imagine what they are saying in this picture...then

Who is to have which car and which one will win... to the SLIDE!!!

Orange, Blue, then green came in last place.
After alot of races on all the slides and taking turns so well with the fastest car... our friend had to go.  It was one of those awesome play moments and I wish I had gotten the mother's number or email...I need to get calling cards.  I would love to meet them again to play. Who knows maybe we will.

Then a bit of patience was practiced...we did "the dance" right as we were next...just in time!

Within a minute Maxx had made friends with two others and..

We were chasing BUBBLES!!!

Playing Hide and Go Seek...tag, chase...

I actually heard..."Mom, I'm ready to go home now."

Then home we went for some one on one time, making bread for the week.

What a dreamy spring day!!!

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