Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gratiude Friday...on Saturday Due to an Action Packed Friday

We fit in two playdates yesterday with two new friends...and here I am today filled with much thankfulness.
  • For the beautiful women that are in my life...sharing common threads
  • Spring puddles and muddy boys
  • For having moments to open our life window and share with someone and to see into their's
  • Cooking with Maxx
  • Spur of the moment playdate to fly remote controlled airplanes
  • Beautiful wet and sunny spring days
  • Time and space to practice 
  • Exploring and little critters coming close to say, "Hi!"
  • Dessert with Maxx


Jenny said...

Just showed these pics to Gus (beautiful pics) and he got so excited! He said "Naxx" and pointed to the he was ready to go.

Jane said...

Awwww sweet Gus! Thank you Jenny!!! We will play again soon!!!