Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some Unplugged Play today

"When we allow our children space for their imaginations to flourish, they do." -D. Holzman

Here is Maxx after school at the park.  It was a little misty, the park all to himself...and Maxx wanted me to check and see if I had anything that could dry off the the Momma bag...
I had a cloth grocery bag...Maxx-"THAT'S PERFECT, MOM!!!"
So here is his grocery bag play.

Maxx driving a fast race car

The bunny

Mailman on his route

Baby in the "baby swing" 

Giving baby an "UNDER DOG!"

Potato sack race


At the end of our play at the park...a landscaper showed up with a lawn mower...the grass was like white and yellow polka dots on green...before the lawn was manicured...Maxx saved these flowers and made me a boutique...

What beautiful!!!

Cool article on open ended play... (sorry for all the marketing that surrounds this one)
One on TV Free

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