Monday, April 19, 2010

TV Free Week

The start of TV Free week is today and what a perfect week during Earth Week.

Time to slow down get out and hug those trees and get Spring dirty knees.

We are TV Free.  We do not own one and it has been years now since we did.  It is a big beef for me...I could go it has molded our society and distracting us from what is really going on.

This week I am going to post some really cool articles and some findings from around our TV-Free Home.  Everyone when they find out we don't have a TV..."What?  What do you DOo? and I all of a sudden the way they look at me... you would think I have 4 heads and 17 purple eyes or  It is really easy, REALLY! 

Join in this TV Free Week and see what you do, what you find, start new weekly traditions as a family...who knows where this may lead you.  It is BEAUTIFUL!! Conserve energy this week as we celebrate Mother Earth...and enjoy the quiet and one less electric flashing light!!!  

I dare you! 

This is our nature corner.  We find natural treasures everyday, and here is the place they land and we reflect on our Spring 2010 so far.  I love how Maxx has added some of his toys and crafts in, to tell the story. 

As I flip through our Spring photos and find this much Maxx really loves and expresses his time with nature.  Beautiful!

TV Free Article

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