Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The "Floam-tastic" Whale

Maxx got another birthday the mail.
All the way from San Antonio, Texas.
It was sent with more birthday celebration from his cousins Philip, Abrianna, Isaiah, Aunt Tina and Uncle Dan.

Inside was a football perfect for the park...Maxx is still working on his catching this football is awesome, it is full of holes and you can catch it with one finger. Also in the package was a box filled with 6 AMAZING colors of Floam. When I saw it I automatically thought of the "As Seen On TV" commercial.

It is floam-tastic!!!! Really!!! We have been making all kinds of things and molding it to random things arround the house. Maxx found a few google-ly eyes in our craft bin and our creepy floam creatures come alive.

Have a "Floam -tastic" day!!!

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