Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stick to the list

Maxx could probably do the grocery shopping all by himself if I let him... he's that good.
When I write my list, I then draw the list for Maxx so he can help me...this also helps me stay on track.

"Heeey. That's not on the list!" "Thanks Maxx, your right!"

Every once in a while there will be something special in the isle that is very tempting to change our brands or add on, 'specially if it is not our normal store, but for the most part Maxx is dead on and really good about it.

My Dad should be really proud. I remember going shopping with him on Wednesdays. His list would be written with the store lay out in mind...isle by ise. My Dad is in and out in probably half and hour.

Lots of learning goes on when we do the grocery shopping. I love answering the questions and having the conversations with him. He really knows his stuff, I crack up when he gives me back the answers I have fed him the the past.

"What is this!?!"

"Why can't we get that?"

"It's not organic!"

"Yes! It's on sale!"

"Does it have high fructose, Momma?"

"But I like yellow no. 5."

The latest today...
"MSGeeeee!?! Awww! Why do they add that stuff? It looks like it would be very tasty!"

My all natural son...He's that good!!!

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