Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My favorite Things #1

This past mother's day...
I was given one of my most favorite things I own...#1 on my list.
...a red Paul Frank Calculator watch.
It is the Sweetest thing ever!
Since I was in school I always carried around a calculator, then I had one in the pocket of my chef coat, and until this past Mother's day I had one in my work apron.
Now... I am never without.
When I go grocery shopping...
Get this...
I input in my budget on my handy dandy calculator watch, and as I add things to my shopping cart...I subtract the price from my budget.
The older I get the geek-ier I have become.
Not only is it SOooo 1984...it's red (My favorite color).
Oooo let me share.
The Special Features: date, time, light, digital calculator, & alarm clock

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