Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Park Day: 1 mountian rescue truck, 2 playgrounds, 3 deer, 4 bike riders, 5 friends, 6 buses

Today Maxx and I took an adventure to Peterson Park. On the way we got off the bus to check out a used books store we had never been to, and found a store that sells crazy used toys next door. He dug and found a mountain rescue match box truck for 25 cents. Then we got back to the bus stop and 2 buses later we were there. This place is a city diamond. It has 2 playgrounds, many trees (Maxx calls the forest), an open area to run, basket ball courts, an awesome winding trail...we are sure there is more, but this is all we found today. We took 3 buses to get there. When we got off the bus, what did we see...

..two fawns munching on some green grass. They still had their white spots. They let us get pretty close. Maxx was good at staying quiet, not to disturb their lunch. He found a good walking stick for himself and then one for me. Off he ran to play at the first play ground. We were there for about half an hour and then took a hike on the trail towards the 2nd playground. We stopped half way there and sat on a bench to eat our snack pack. Some older kids were riding bikes and each time some one rode by us Maxx would say, "You're a good bike rider!" He is just too cool! Some of them would ignore him. Some would laugh bashfully, and one boy said thank you. It was entertaining to see everyone's reaction. Maxx just kept on, I think that was his point. Then we hopped off the bench and found a great climbing tree.

Maxx tried to get a little higher but got caught and got a few scratches. On the tree he said hello to a few carpenter ants and a greenish white moth looking guy. Maxx not only said hello to the moth guy, but gave him a push off the tree by blowing him. Down he jumped and off he ran to the 2nd playground. There was a huge pirate ship and some older kids he made friends right on the spot and we played for quite a while. Then I looked at my watch and realized it is almost rush hour, we better head out. On our way out we saw a bigger deer...which we both thought was the Mommy to the fawns we saw on our way in. Then it was time to catch our buses and head home. What a beautiful day to be outside and a story to tell, just Maxx and I.

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