Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maxx Sitter Extraordinaire!

Tuesday was such a hectic day with balancing work-hood, mommy-hood, wife-hood, and parent to a preschooler hood. It was a grab and go, in and out, up and down, fast and furious, good and bad, emotions rise and fall, bus and El train, walk and cab it, very extreme preview of what school days will be like. Kurt and I attended a "Welcome Parent Assembly Dinner" and "Parent Teacher Night" at Maxx's school.

But the best part of the day...
Was being blessed with having a friend you can trust with your child...

Maxx came home WORN out and he is the child that energy never stops... until his head hits the pillow... so I can only imagine how Miss Shannon felt on Wednesday.
They went shopping at the Asian markets, made vegan pizza and vegan chocolate chip cookies, walked Miss Debbie's "girls", read, and played outside. Shannon not only provided Maxx with a safe loving place away from us...she created an adventure filled with thoughtful planned out activities...Jam packed!!! This is much more than we could have asked for, and we will forever cherish the time given and memories Maxx made.
Shannon you are the best!!!

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