Friday, March 12, 2010

Gratitude Friday

This week has been so full and abundant!!!
My heart feels soooo good, and here are a few things to share.
  • For my beautiful boy who is so open to meet new people and welcome them into his heart.
  • A fun evening with some of the most amazing women I know. We have to make this a monthly thing!!!
  • Laughing and finding humor in the heat of frustration and a difficult situation. ;)jess
  • For the cherry blossom tree right outside our windows and all over town...oh that pink is delicious!
  • Finding new verses and songs to enhance our daily rhythm. We have a sweet new bed time song we now sing before Maxx sleeps with the angels.
  • For my life experiences, here in my early 30s, I feel so blessed by such a short period of time to be where I am.
  • For some amazingly talented people I work with and for...I learn from you every day.
  • For the Mothers blogging out there that I read daily or fall upon in a google search...the inspiration and raw wisdom is so powerful.
  • For the beautiful new community and friendships that we are building as a family. I am totally feeling the incarnate pull...we were meant to all be here now to meet and know each other.
  • For a husband who is willing to do what it takes to unplug a toilet and find humor in the O. M. G.!!!!! Task! lol!!!!
What a week!!!
What are you grateful for?

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