Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Small Change Update and Farewell March

On this last day of March I think back through so many memories and there are a lot that come from our One Small Change.
I really focused on slowing down, planning and thinking ahead so my family may eat more whole foods in our ONE SMALL CHANGE rather than those quick fixes in flash that are so easy for this on the go Momma to grab.

Our Small change list
  • We make all our own bread now. I found this Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and am is really that easy and I just found out that they have a new cookbook Healthy Bread in Five...on my wish list. We started with the basic recipe to get the rhythm, now we are using the Whole Wheat recipe soo good!
  • The Farmer's Market opened, so we have an abundance of local produce and have plans to get there every Saturday morning. There is also a neighborhood market on Wednesdays we caught today.
  • We have created a weekly meal rhythm that has helped me plan and prepare. It has also helped with stocking of the pantry and fridge...
  • All veggie trimmings are saved for stock
  • New rule...all left overs are to be eaten...I try and come up with creative ways to use them with how much care we put into our food, we want zero to go to waste.
  • Pizza night (Sat.) all from scratch. this moment
I think getting organized was the most difficult, but have made some small changes and am having fun making connections with the farmers' weekly at the market. A big change is we are eating less meat at our table. We are meat eaters and have only been consumers of grass fed beef and organic poultry for some time last stage of the change will be to buy our meat from Afton Field Farm. We did buy an organic pasture chicken from a different local farm at the market week before last and I have made 4 meals from that one bird, and have two gallons of chicken stock in the freezer for more to come.

Maxx and I have been feeling under the weather and the other night after our bike ride we made chicken noodle soup and had tea. It was such a joy to both work on this project and sit down and enjoy the comfort. Maxx said very excited that he, "...L-O-V-E s peas and noodles" -the bonus of making our own...we get to add in extra :)

I am really loving living more simply and am looking forward to April's small change.


Cindy said...

Awesome summary! How have you organized your meal schedule--do you have a small number of things you repeat, or just cook with what's at the market? I struggle with this, too, especially since most of the time I'm cooking for Silas and me, with leftovers awaiting Scott when he gets home late.

Jaimie said...

Great idea to save the veggie trimmings for stock. I hadn't thought of it. Do you just go ahead and put them into a container in the fridge? Do you make veggie stock, chicken, or both? Nice changes so far!