Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Personal Found World and Anticipation

I was looking through some pictures from the past, and came across some that were right at 3 years ago (Spring 2007)...WOW!!! It is amazing how we as people change. I look through my "MySpace" posts and realized how much of a different person I was then, than I am now. My values are the same, but my tone is different.
Maturity? I would say, for sure.
In the picture above the young me as a new parent, Maxx is a 2 year old and we had, had a looong day at a festival.

I look in the mirror today and I have 6 inch roots!
Yes...that blonde is from a different me. That Jane could not even leave the house without makeup...lots of black eyeliner...smoky shadows on my eyes...a new hair color every month or if not a new color, my roots touched up (the photo above I had 3 shades of color black, red, and blond in the back), lots of time in front of a mirror with a blow dryer and styling products...shop shop shop...closet full of clothes, bags, and just stuff! I had outfits. Loads of jewelry, and killer creeper shoes to match whatever my costume was for the day. Yes, I had many many colors and shapes of those heavy sole shoes. lol I need to find more pictures...I am always the one behind the camera, so I am in so few.

I have morphed into another person. I seem to have shed my skin and now see a new world. Really it was a choice and I chose to make a change. Take my activism to a new level. I can create change and control what we do as a family...less preachy and more of a personal and daily fight. I turned "it" (mainstream media) off and closed the door. No msn, no cnn, no news paper, no magazines, and T.V. was torched out of our life a while back before this faze.

So if you ask me who the new celebrities are, anything about pop culture pre 2008 or what is "in" or what the latest block buster is...I will have a blank stare, because I choose not to know.

I decided in '08 the only way I would hear or see the world was through other Mothers' blogs or word of mouth. If there is a cool movie and they post about it...I may check it out, or someone tells me about an inspiring book or a product or a news event, then I would know.

Really. I don't know what the news is blah-ing about... the latest scandal or even the weather unless I heard it from someone.

It is so so so so nice. Freeing!

I want to see the world unsolicited...without an agenda...to sell me something, to distract me, to create fear. There is enough stress and distraction in daily life, that the mainstream stuff just seemed to add to my pile and distract me from finding out more about who I am as a person, as a mother, and where I want to be.

Now we eat at home (except on Fridays), cook with whole foods, always have something soaking, put my hair in a pony tail sometimes wet, and head out the door with or without a touch of makeup, I play with Maxx, we make handmade gifts and cards. My closet now: 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants with clogs is what I have and wear.

Doing this what have I learned? The world through Mothers' eyes is hopeful, beautiful, sweet, proud, powerful, amazing, funny, creative, inventive, personal and inspiring simplicity. I love the world I see.

Looking through the pictures each year in the "spring" folders their is one familiar event I notice, and the only change this year will be to go more often. Each spring I have photos of us at the Farmer's Market. This is something we look so forward to every year! Seeing the rows of greens, vegetables, flowers, fruits, fresh baked goods, some crafts and art, canned salsas and preserves, local honey, cheese, farm fresh eggs and meats.

AWWW! My sweet little punk by the rocks. Here is a sweet one of Maxx eating some blueberries he picked out at the Chicago Farmer's Market the same year as the photo above.
The Farmer's market on this scale is one thing we really missed while we lived in Houston. Portland's market opens next week!!! We are full of anticipation!!


Atouria said...

<3 You are one rockstar mama, Jane!

Cindy said...

Amen, sister! I turned the TV off back in 1996/97? During the Jean-Benet Ramsey murder coverage. I decided then and there that I'd never again let the Today show tell me what is important to pay attention to. I do listen to NPR when I remember, but my life has gotten steadily richer and more interesting. I love you!