Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Small Change for March

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

For our first One Small Change and in March, we are going to cook with whole foods and work on eating more seasonal and local produce for the month. I am so inspired by the others who have joined in and are making their small changes along with my friends and peers who teach and inspire me daily. Personally I have been making changes over time, but never dedicated a month to making that change, publicly posting it and having a follow up. (Thanks Cindy for the link!)

As a working mother, I find it easy to grab a frozen pizza and a salad kit on a hectic day...make macaroni and cheese from a box, vege bouillon cubes, and my favorite quick food is boxed (bagged) cereal for breakfast. I am not saying this may not happen, but I am aiming for it to be far less. In time with practice, the right tools and being comfortable I am aiming for "once in a blue moon", to quote Maxx.

This month will be about purging out the processed and welcoming in beautiful grains, legumes, local seasonal fruit and vegetables. This is going be about new habits and taking time to plan on my part, then working the plan.

I am reading the cookbook Feeding The Whole Family Cooking with Whole Foods (Thank you Lisa for bringing it in.)
I have a strong sense of cooking and a culinary degree, so it may seem to those who know me well... this book is very basic and simple. *smile* ...My goal. Living more simple and bringing wholeness and connection onto our table for our soul, our health, and yearly rhythm of the seasons. I also feel blessed and lucky to have a child that does not have food allergies and just follows me to the next culinary adventure. I want to lead, teach, and take advantage by nourishing him, so he, and his, may be able to enjoy the beauty in so many different foods also. My maternal instinct says cut out the processed and factory foods. We have been eating natural and organic foods for some time now, so this just seems like the natural progression and the right thing.

Another great thing about this book for me personally... is the handy dandy appendix meal planner...and recipes to help give just the jump start I need. Working through the recipes I will gain the knowledge and wisdom I need through this journey of change.

We have already incorporated and tested some of the recipes, so I have a little head start...little did I know about this blog that is inspiring so many out there to make one small change. *glass up* To March and to your One Small Change.

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Hip Mountain Mama said...

This is such a great change! WE are also becoming more aware of the bagged and boxed food that come into our home and trying to switch to is a slow process, but we are taking it one item at a time and we are loving it!
Feel free to stop by any time this month to let us know how it is going.