Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday cake...it's a process

I attempted to create some magic by having Maxx make Daddy's 4oth birthday cake. We had a blast and I think Maxx's first cake turned out AWESOME!!!

Day 1, Sunday, we mixed our ingredients and made the chocolate cake

Day 2, Monday, we cut the layers (4 (for 4 and 40 years) (and Daddy's lucky number)) and moistened it with Daddy's left over coffee in the pot...we added a bit of sugar. Then we made the filling: Marscapone Cheese with some maple syrup...Yummy to lick the spoon.
Day 3, Tuesday, we made icing and decorated the cake. Maxx wanted pink and green. Lucky natural food colorings are lighter and the pink came out perfect. Sprinkles are a must. So on with the confetti sprinkles...and then Maxx wanted me to write "Happy Birthday Daddy!" add some hearts and put "40" on it. When I was finished he said, "It is so pewrfect and beeauteeeful!" He was so proud of his AWESOME cake.

Maxx had 2 pieces...it was that yummy!!!!

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