Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Officially 4!!

It is official. We celebrated 4. I am posting a quick one...since we are in the middle of celebrating 40 today, with Poppa Lion. I will have more to add in the next post, but here are a crazy amount of photos...

Maxx woke up and the fairies, that bring birthday suprises had left a balloon on his bed that had a number 4 and stars on it.
Then on the table was a sweet birthday card from them wishing a happy birthday.

We opened gifts...and I made a big breakfast.
Mmmm...fresh warm cheesecake. When we asked Maxx what kind of cake he wanted..."Cheesecake, my favorite!!!" was the immediate answer.
Garnished it with some fresh summer berries and we sang happy birthday.


Gifts arrived in the mail.
The greatest card!!!!..."Don't forget the mountain goat! Haaapeeey Birrrrrthday!" Too funny!!

We went to the park down the street to enjoy the sunshine and bumped into some kids we hadn't seen since the beginning of summer. They are 8,7, and almost 5. Right away they saw Maxx and wanted to play. Those boys were so sweet and played with him so well...being older. They have no idea how much that means to Maxx. They made a secrect club house.
Sat and talked about boy stuff...I tried to keep my distance. They played hide and seek, tag, and swung.
Maxx was pooped after the boys left. We were there for a good 3 hours.
He started pulling the wagon "Time to go, Momma!"
But not too tired for a treat from the ice cream cart.
At home and he fell asleep before one story was completely read.
When he woke up Grammy's gift had arrived...and Matrix fast!!!

Maxx and I packed a picnic supper, and headed to the beach for dinner. It was perfect! There was a guy flying kites and it wasn't crowded. Just perfect.A birthday picnic is not complete without the cake...mmmmmmmm! And I think cheesecake tastes better at the beach!!

The Grommy and Papah birthday call...he really enjoyed it.

Then I read the "Maxx's Birthday Story" (will post later). This is one of our new traditions and it was magic!!!!

Just before the bath we read his new book The Brothers Grimm The Breman Town Musicians and played with his beautiful new wooden animals.

Maxx and I also made Daddy's birthday cake...I will post in a later blog. We packed a lot in.
Happy 4th Birthday Maxx!

Birthday Verse:

Over the rainbow bridge and
from the seven kingdoms of light ,
Came our Maxx one summer night
With gifts from the stars

Down he came to Mother Earth
And found a place and house of birth.
Time has passed, and now can be told:
Today he sits here 4 years old.

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