Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Mom! Check out the Cool Car!!!

One of Maxx's favorite things to do is to look down on the busy street we live on, and watch the delivery trucks and hustle bustle of the city traffic. We see lots of lights and sirens too.

So I went to the window and this is what I saw.

Maxx sat and watched this cool car owner guy for about 20 minutes giving me a play by play. "he has a rag and is cleaning the engine...there is a guy walking over to talk to him...the mans are talking...that man is walking away...there is a guy on a bike stopping to look...he is looking in the windows...they both are talking to each ovfer...oooo he put the hood down...walllking around...the man is getting inside..."

Then the driver got in, started the roared and purred and drove away.
"Next time Momma can we go and talk to him?...and check that cool car out?"...

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