Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making Bubble Wands in the Middle of a Crazy Week

It is a beautiful day! Maxx and I slept in 'till nice.

I am on day 8 of a 9 day work schedule that included two cl'open shifts...and I am pooped. One more day to go and then a much needed day off.

This morning we realized we have company...a house fly, who made his way to our 3rd floor apartment and is continuing to provide some fun entertainment for Maxx.
"Whoa!" "Where is that funny fly guy?" "Ahhhhhhh MOahhhM!!!"

Maxx and I are starting our preparations for his birthday party. We are going to have a hand made party this year. The past three years Kurt and I have gone all out with professional cakes the perfect location with stressing ourselves. After lots of soul searching and questioning this past year... I am present in knowing the most important thing is not the perfection, it is the celebration, the rhythm of tradition, and just enjoying the moment by being together.

Today we started our day with painting the stick part of our future
bubble wands.

Enjoying the moments!

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