Saturday, July 26, 2008

Phone Home! Phone Home!

One thing I really love about Chicago is the amazing park district.
They put on activities all over the city, all day every day... somewhere. Last night we took advantage of movies @ the park., we popped some corn, put some drinks on ice, grabbed the picnic blanket, soaked our selves in swy flotter, and we went to the park to watch E.T.
Found out that Kurt only sprayed his exposed skin...those blood suckers found that tasty skin under his shirt. Itchy!!!

Maxx loves glow sticks, so the other day I got some glow necklaces and thought this would be a great event to bring them.

I was thrilled my friend Debbie joined us and Maxx gave her a glow necklace... then sat in her lap and talked her ear off. He asked her how babies are made (Whoa!), does she have any kids and why, if she has a baby in her belly, how come E.T. can't breath the air on Earth, what is that smoke (in the movie) to talking about her bike, and helmet. The little charmer...conned her out of her entire package of cookies. Debbie you are a good sport, Maxx loves you. Thank you for joining us.

The crowd clapped at all the right spots.

There is the star! I heart E.T.

Ell-iii-ot!! Oh I had a crush on Henry Thomas when I was a youngster!!! Dreamy Elliot! My Earthling hero!!!!

Out of this world fun!

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