Friday, July 18, 2008

Days Off Are the Best!!!

After a 9 day stretch, today was my first day off. It was the best!!!
Maxx and I slept in 'till 9am. Then we played hide and seek with his stuffed cat "Kitty". I cut a cantaloupe for breakfast and he wanted PB&J with that.

Kurt took us to this awesome park that they discovered a week ago and have been going to. It really was great. Independence Park is where we ended up. The playground was fun and the mix of kids was soo perfect. There is a large garden to run and roam with shade and sunshie...but the best part was the spraying water. We were at the park for three hours before we even looked at our watch. While Maxx made friends and got soaking wet, I sat on the sideline watching and drawing with sidewalk chalk...soaking in the freedom of not working and the sunshine. In the middle of play we heard the chiming bells of the icecream cart, and Maxx took off with Daddie running after. They both came back with some sweet-cold ice cream. Just a perfect park day.

We came home for lunch and had quite time...nap time got skipped today. I told some of Grimm's fairy tales to Maxx, and then we listened to Jack and the Bean Stalk(his favorite story right now).

Kurt made some turkey chili and the perfect batch of cornbread. Dee-lish!!

While I was relaxing on the couch Maxx got really quiet.
"I just wanted a whittle taste!" He told me as he was licking his fingers... after he had dipped them in the yummy cheesecake. (One of my customers sent me this the other day.) Maxx!...we are going to get frozen custard in a few, at Scooters. "It was only a whittle whick, Mahhm." He is so independant and rescourceful. I love his spirit!

I am off tomorrow too.
Days off are the best!

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