Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Waffles!!!!

Miss Allison invited us over for birthday waffles this morning. It was a very special treat!!! Talk about a week of celebration. Man, oh man bring it on! frozen waffles either...Miss Allison had a hot waffle iron, batter, and yummy toppings (choc chips, coconut, strawberries, blue berries) It was all so good.

We love Miss Allison!

Maxx got to meet Tito and Taco the cats, play on the porch, eat watermelon, choose what he wanted in his waffle, hunt for and play hide and seek with the cats, be in a 3 piece band, chase the birds, up and down stairs, race his cars on a side walk chalk race track, take a 15 minute walk, then look up at the trees and sky.

What a beautiful morning! So sweet, so thoughtful.
Thank you Allison!!

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