Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday: Laundry

A friend of mine asked about our weekly rhythm, and how I break down my week.  So I thought I would share in this is our weekly rhythm. 

Since I am a full time working momma...and in my work, my schedule is never the same from week to week.
One of my goals is to live more simply.  To make it all work I feel strongly on having set days that we do each big chore, for many reasons.  The biggest is to help my little one with predictability and security in this BIG busy abstract world. 

Our first day of the week, Sunday, is "Laundry Day".

"this is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes...soo early in the morning!"

We live in an urban setting so our "Laundry Day" works best at the laundromat.

Now that I have gotten this down...I don't think I want to do it at home ever again...

What I have discovered while knocking this big ole chore out each week, I consume less, YES!!! is a time saver, less waste for the environment, better for our clothes, and cost effective.

To be able to do this once a week, the one thing you need to know is how much you need for the week. (clothes, undies, socks, towels, etc...) This was the hardest thing for me to get at first...but it did not take long...going down to the basement in the middle of the week to start a load...then go back to put in the dryer and then go back to get it out and bring up to fold...a motivator to perfect this task just once a week. 

How we do Laundry Once a Week...

  • We each have a set wardrobe, each a towel and wash cloth set, a set amount of cloth napkins, cloth place mats, and cloth towels (I use instead of paper towels), and our sheet sets
  • Two laundry baskets and a hamper
  • I can get 7 loads of laundry washed to folded in 1 1/2 hours
  • $15 in quarters for wash and dry
  • 5 loads of colors in a "Big Loader" and 2 loads of whites in a "double loader"
  • Front loaders are easier on clothes, they use less water than top loaders = Front loaders need less soap (save money and waste), they Spin... Really... spin the water less time in the dryer. (When I pull the sheets out of the wash they feel almost dry.)
  • Maxx and I stand at our machines, and put our quarters in at the same time as quick as we can... for fun to get them to start at the same time.
    Machine Hissing...
    ... and the water begins to spray I set my alarm for 30 min

    ...dry our clothes, dry our clothes, dry our clothes...

    30 min flat...Maxx and I each get a rolling basket, and we unload our washers and head straight for the dryers #16, #17 and #18. I get my dryer going, then help Maxx and that gives us a little break so I can fold the first...and Maxx brings the rest.

    We love to people watch...this couple has their systems down as well...they were so sweet working together!

    foldy, fold, fold, fold...

    "this is the way we fold our clothes, fold our clothes, fold our early in the"

    1 1/2 hours later...and we are finished until next Sunday.

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