Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gift Bag Sewing Project

We have an invitation to a birthday party!

In my desire to live more simply...

I want to stop buying a gift bag or wrapping how about a beautiful hand made bag that can be reused for so many other things...

We went to this really beautiful fabric store here in our neighborhood The Whole 9 Yards and Maxx picked out the cutest "tweet tweet" fabric, and we had 1 yard of pink ribbon cut for our birthday bag project.

...and today he learned to thread a bobbin.  Of course the best part was pushing the pedal at FULL BLAST watching the bobbin fill with thread!  I really like that too! ;)

While I continued the sewing...with some pedal pushing help 
He worked on the Birthday card and drew a  "dancing flower".

I totally see it, dancing!

Once finished we pulled out our scrap papers and crafting odds and ends.  Together we worked on making the envelope special too. 

...then  filled the bag with the birthday surprise.  

I just loved how it turned out.

What a special way to give a gift.

Happy fifth birthday, Rachel!


Atouria said...

So cute! I just love that fabric, too. Nice choice, Maxx!

Jane said...

That is a HUGE compliment from you!
Thanks! Maxx says..."cool!"