Thursday, May 6, 2010

Block Crayon Drawing...peek into my journey

I am really enjoying my Waldorf teacher training.  This is my third month on this new journey.

During this block...Art (Drawing, block crayon, watercolor)  

Last week learning what lines feel like, to a child (1st-3rd grades),
What does a straight like feel like? Curvy? Movement of lines across the page all connected. Patterns, compliments...line on paper...

How art is connected to each of us and especially to children...and how drawing can calm a rowdy class or wake up a sleepy one...

This week learning techniques in block crayon drawing.  How to draw with and use block crayons in the lower grades (Early Childhood, and 1st-5th)

Here is a peek of two of the techniques and two of my pictures, from tonight, using our block crayons.  By no means are they finished...due to needing to move on to the next technique.

The first...
Using the block crayons and adding a rainbow to the page very lightly (like above photo row 3 top drawing)...learning how to move the crayon across the page...inhale, exhale... 
Then adding movement to your rainbow (like above photo row 3 bottom drawing)moving color and directions with the crayons on top of the rainbow. 
Looking at the movement what do you begin to see? Let your creative soul be your guide... 
Here is what I was beginning to see in mine:

The second.
Randomly add color to the page.  No rhyme or reason.
Once the page is filled with color...turn it upside down...
What do you see?  Begin to bring out what your imagination sees.
Here is what I was beginning to see in mine:

I wish I could have taken a photo of everyone in the classes pictures...amazing how beautiful and connected they all felt...and how so much of ourselves come out in our art.  The colors were incredible.  Some of the words used to describe how we felt after looking at all of them...blissful, dream like...emotional...
With each drawing we took them out to the hall and laid them on the floor and just experienced them. To be able to see what others see... Very moving!

I will keep working on my pictures and will post what they look like when I have had some time to really bring them to life.

Happy Coloring!!!!

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