Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Fever!!!

We are nursing a fever.  Maxx has come down with a cold and has had a fever for the past few days.  I feel so powerless...and amazed while leaning on the power of healing.

Maxx is so alive all the time and to see him just want to stay in PJs and lie in the bed...it is soooooo quiet around here.  Too quiet.  Alot less spunky!

We have missed two days of school which he so looks forward too. His said today, "I miss my 'mates!"  

Selfishly I admit that I am enjoying the warm need for extra lov'in...and cuddling while telling stories, dreaming about the summer, and reading some of his books.

I know he is strong and this will be short lived and the spunk will be back, and things will be lively again.  To a speedy recovery!

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