Friday, May 7, 2010

Gratitude Friday

This spring has been so amazing!!!  

What I am so grateful for this week...

  • May Faire, what a beautiful celebration!
  • Schools that see how important it is to surround a child in beauty and teach through art
  • Cute spring fabric!!! ...we have turned it into a sweet bag to wrap a birthday surprise for a soon to be five year old
  • Invitations to birthday celebrations
  • Sewing a gift with Maxx 
  • "Watch this Mom!!!"... "tricks" on his bike (with the training wheels still on... my daredevil :))
  • Having a very special dinner out with some of my new girlfriends...with sake and sustainable sushi
  • Dad's wisdom ...and for the moment he takes to sometimes repeat...and help me work through what I already know.

Have a very special weekend!!!

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