Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On my mind

 I never have a moment when this little guy is not on my mind.

  • In dream land he is always with me.
  • When I wake up in the morning...I can't wait for the happy sleepy face to come around the corner.  
  • Being present when we are together...and reminding myself to be present...everything else can wait.
  • When cooking how can he help...will this be balanced enough for him or what will he think.
  • Thinking of ways he can help and inviting him to help me with projects and chores.
  • When he is at school I often think about what he maybe singing, creating and how much fun he is having, playing and learning...my social little one.
  • When I'm at work I remember I'm Maxx's mom, and wanting the best for him and I.
  • When at work I focus finding joy in the hardest tasks and laugh...my growth and experiences...will be wisdom I will share with him later. 
  • When I'm at work I share Maxx stories, pictures, sweet and funny moments.
  • When I have not seen him in hours I am thrilled when the time apart is over.
  • After time apart and I see him... I get so excited it takes my breath away!
  • His hugs can make any major big problem seem so tiny...sometimes silly.
  • When I get frustrated and stressed...I see him giving me a thumbs up...and things get a lot easier.
  • In class...learning more about Waldorf education and knowing how Maxx will enjoy the grade school and high school...seeing him in the lessons and in my art.
  • Out with friends...conversations about him
  • Planning out the week and what he and I will do
  •  I try to be aware to what I am doing and saying knowing I am his mother and his most influential teacher.

    ...ALWAYS there!!!
    I love you, Maxx!

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